Recoverable Damages in Wrongful Death Cases

When a family loses a loved one suddenly, such as in an accident, the loss can be overwhelming. And, when the loved one's death is caused by the negligent act of another, the pain and confusion can be so much more intense.

Although nothing will help ease the grief but the passage of time, surviving family members can still seek monetary damages from the responsible party that will at least help them compensate for their lost loved one's wages and their medical and funeral expenses.

Here, The Rodzik Law Group's attorney in Wilmington NC explains the types of recoverable damages in wrongful death cases that are commonly taken into consideration.

The Types of Damages Recoverable in Wrongful Death Cases

The types of damages recoverable in a wrongful death case include compensation for losses related to the financial future of the decedent's surviving family members. These damages typically include:

  • Future wage loss in accordance with the decedent's work life expectancy (from the time of death through the anticipated age of retirement)
  • Loss of aid in caring for the decedent's children
  • Loss of companionship
  • Loss of household services
  • Loss of consortium (spousal companionship)

Also considered are damages to help compensate the decedent's survivors for past economic expenses that they have already incurred as a result of the accident. These damages include such expenses as those related to funeral expenses and medical bills related to the accident. In most cases, the decedent's pain and suffering is also considered in the damages awarded.

What Affects the Amount of the Damages Awarded?

No financial payout is ever enough to compensate or console a family that has lost a loved one. But, monetary damages is the only means by which a negligent individual or company can truly pay for their actions.

The amount the beneficiaries receive varies per each case because there are a lot of different considerations taken into effect when the law ultimately decides the amount. Such considerations include the decedent's age, employment, and family responsibilities. For instance, if the decedent was a younger person, then he or she would have most likely had a longer lifespan than if they were an elderly person. As a result, the future financial loss to the family would be greater so the law would award a higher amount than in a case involving an older person's death. Likewise, if the decedent had a high-paying job, then his or her beneficiaries would receive more than the beneficiaries of someone who had a lower-paying job. The number of dependents surviving the decedent will also have an impact on the amount awarded.

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