Car Accident Lawsuit: How Long After the Accident Can You Sue?

When you're the victim in an auto accident, it's not uncommon to want immediate justice and have damages paid to help minimize your losses. Under the law, you can file a lawsuit on the very day the accident occurs, but this is never recommended because auto accident lawsuits can be complex and to prove your case you need to have a good idea how the accident occurred, who was responsible, and what your estimated damages are. And, this information can take time to acquire.

This often leaves accident victims wondering – how long after the accident can you sue? Here, The Rodzik Law Group's auto accident attorney in Wilmington NC explains how long you have to sue in the state of North Carolina.

North Carolina's Statute of Limitations for Auto Accident Lawsuits

In North Carolina, victims of auto accidents are granted three years to file a lawsuit, starting from the date of the accident. Damages sought can be for expenses accrued due to injuries stemming from the crash and/or for vehicle damage. This is according to North Carolina General Statutes' section 1-52(16).

As long as there is no concern over missing the statute of limitation, it is usually recommended that an auto accident victim wait until they have all of the information they need in relation to their damages before filing their lawsuit with the court. This is important because if the victim was injured in the accident, then the amount of their damages will most likely continue to grow as more medical costs are incurred.

If the only damages involved in the accident were to the victim's property, then a lawsuit can realistically be filed as soon as the cost of repairing the car is determined. But, if the at-fault driver has car insurance, it is always recommended to seek damages through their insurance company before filing a lawsuit.

The state's statute of limitations is very strict. If the victim files their lawsuit the day after the statute of limitations, the case will be immediately dismissed in its entirely, leaving the victim with no remedy.

It is important to note that a lawsuit can still be served to the responsible party after the statute of limitations have expired. The statutes govern the date by which the case has to be filed with the courts.

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