Auto Accident Attorney in Wilmington NC

We represent people who have been injured through no fault of their own. We have over 50 years combined experience as auto accident attorneys in Wilmington NC, and have settled or litigated over 15,000 cases. Victims of car accidents deserve compensation for property damages, for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and for permanent injury or disfigurement. To protect yourself and maximize your recovery, you need a lawyer, and hiring an auto accident attorney in Wilmington NC can help you get your life back to normal. Insurance companies are not in business to pay claims, they are in business to make money through collecting premiums and paying as little in claims as they can. An experienced injury attorney can help you fight back.

When Is It Time to Hire An Accident Attorney in Wilmington NC?

If you are injured and in pain you need to consider hiring an attorney. We know that insurance companies handle numerous auto accidents claims every day, and a majority of those claims only involve property damages. Auto accidents involving injuries at times require assistance that only an accident attorney can help you with. An accident attorney will not only help you determine your rights but will also help facilitate any claims that you may have by helping your find appropriate medical care even if you have no health insurance. When the insurance company won't pay the full cost of the property damage, let alone your medical expenses, when there is a delay in settling the claim, or when the insurance company of the other person involved claims that their insured was not at fault in the accident, you might need to start thinking about hiring an attorney.

Looking Out for Yourself When Hiring an Accident Attorney

An at-fault driver's insurance company is in business to collect premiums, not to pay claims. Under the policy contract, their only duty is to protect the person who caused the accident. Don't make the mistake of assuming the adjuster is there to help you get a fair settlement.

At The Rodzik Law Group, we are paid based on the results we get for you, and we work only for those who have been injured. Our duty is to get you all the financial compensation you are entitled to, call us today at 910-762-1199.