What to Do After an Uber Accident

Posted on: March 24th, 2017 by The Rodzik Law Group

Have you ever thought of what you would do if you were involved in an Uber accident? Our attorney Wilmington NC represents drivers as well as riders involved in Uber accidents as long as it was not your fault. Here is what you need to do after an Uber car crash:

Stay Calm – Accidents can be horrifying, but try to stay calm. Control what you can and try to accept what you cannot. Until you get a chance to contact an attorney in Wilmington NC, please be responsible for your case.

Get Medical Assistance – Injuries are prone to occur in an accident. First and foremost, seek prompt medical care. Wait for the police and if necessary ask for an ambulance. Remember to ensure your injuries are documented. Insurance companies zero in on your medical care as they negotiate your claim.

Gather information – Take photographs of the scene, photograph driver’s licenses as well as insurance information. If there are witnesses, exchange phone contacts with them, you may need them later. Witnesses can make a difference when it comes to determining who is at fault. Remember that you need to be your best advocate until you can get in touch with an attorney.

Talk to The Police – A police accident report is essential when dealing with your car insurance company and other drivers. Be sure to tell the officer if you were injured in any way. Cooperate fully, but avoid admitting fault or blaming others while at the scene. Give the police a chance to objectively judge events and determine who is at fault in the crash.

Contact an accident lawyer- Lastly, if you were injured in the accident, you would need the advice and guidance of an experienced Uber car accident and injury attorney. Contact The Rodzik Law Group for a personal injury attorney. Uber accidents present complex insurance coverage issues and need to be thoroughly investigated. So it is best if you reach out to an experienced accident attorney after your accident.

Get the experienced representation you need – call The Rodzik Law Group today at 910-762-1199 to schedule a consultation. With The Rodzik Law Group, your initial consultation is always free, so there’s no risk in having us review your case.

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