New Jersey Devils Concussion Case

Posted on: February 21st, 2017 by The Rodzik Law Group

Back in 2012, there was a famous workers’ compensation claimed filed in California. Former NHL player Mike Peluso of the New Jersey Devils filed the suit due to repeated concussions he suffered during his time as one of the top enforcers for the team. However, it was recently revealed that the team’s administration withheld important medical documents and other information from Peluso while he was a member of the Devils and after his workers’ compensation claim.

Peluso’s Medical Condition

Peluso is now 50 years old and suffers from dementia and another serious medical condition that causes seizures. He also battles other symptoms that affect his memory and overall brain function. His doctors have stated that his condition came about as a result of the concussions he repeatedly suffered over his years of playing with the Devils and that he should have been warned about the severe consequences of experiencing repeated head trauma.

Medical Documents Withheld

Back in 1994, Peluso suffered a seizure while he was working out. He received medical attention and saw a neurologist. The physician issued a report to the New Jersey Devils’ administration that included a warning about how repeated head trauma could lead to even more serious injuries, including brain damage. Unfortunately, the report itself was never presented to Peluso. However, the team’s coach and doctor both received it.

In spite of the harsh and ominous warning about what could happen to Peluso if he continued to play, he was allowed to resume playing for the team. He even got into more than 100 fights after the team’s coach and doctor were made aware of the serious risks to his health if he continued on. The neurologist’s report and an additional medical report that detailed the dangers regarding Peluso’s continued participation in playing were later discovered in May 2016. The lawyer handling his case ended up taking on a class action suit against the NHL for injuries sustained by other players as well.

Attorneys for the Devils claim that one of the reports in question wasn’t provided because it was stuck to another document and that this was inadvertent. However, there was no explanation given about the 1994 report that warned about the risks of repeated head trauma and how it could result in additional injuries and brain damage.

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