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What to Do After an Uber Accident

Have you ever thought of what you would do if you were involved in an Uber accident? Our attorney Wilmington NC represents drivers as well as riders involved in Uber accidents as long as it was not your fault. Here is what you need to do after an Uber car crash: Stay Calm – Accidents [...]

Preventing Distracted Driving with Teens

For parents of teenagers, there is no more stressful or worrisome time than when their child ventures out onto the roadways for the first time. We worry because we were that age once and we know how easy it can be to become distracted while driving. But, we worry even more because unlike us, today’s [...]

Samsung Note 7 Recall and Lawsuit

In October 2016, Samsung, one of the world’s leading smartphone manufacturers, was served its first U.S. lawsuit as a result of its recalled Galaxy Note 7s. The phone had an issue that caused it to spontaneously combust, which in many cases resulted in serious injury and property damage. The company is not being sued over [...]

Police and Instagram: How Law Enforcement is Using Social Media to Crack Down on Crime

Let’s face it, today’s criminals aren’t exactly the smartest people out there. But, there are criminals who are stupid and then there are those that not only break the law, but actually post their illegal exploits on their social media accounts for the world to see. And, as it would happen, law enforcement is often [...]

Teen Drivers and Cell Phone Use in North Carolina

For parents, the cell phone has been a peace of mind-producing innovation. Prior to these devices, parents would have no idea where their driving-age children were at or where they were going once they were out of the house. Now, parents can reach out and contact their children any time they wish. But sadly, these [...]

The Importance of Photographing Your Accident

When you’re involved in an auto accident, there will usually be several different renditions of the event depending on how many drivers are involved. But, if you have photographic evidence to support your story, then yours will be the stronger case for it. Photographs are among the strongest pieces of evidence you can have when you’re [...]

Grilling Safety 101

Grilling is synonymous with summer. The moment the days turn warm, grill masters all across Wilmington NC roll out and fire up their BBQ grills in anticipation for the delicious charred feast that awaits. But, as fun as grilling can be, it can also be dangerous if you’re not careful. And, should your carelessness cause [...]

Summer Safety: 6 Tips for Safe Boating Practices

With summer in full swing, there are a lot of boats out on the water. And, while there’s nothing more fun than being out on the water with your friends or family, there’s one thing that can quickly put an end to all of the fun in the sun – a boating accident. Here, our [...]