Why Hire a DUI Attorney?

A driving under the influence charge, or DUI, is a serious charge that can have a wide-spread effect on every aspect of your life. But, while most people think that those charged with DUIs are stone-cold drunk, the reality is – a driver can be found guilty of DUI without being drunk or intoxicated.

The reason is because the law doesn’t measure the driver’s ability to operate their vehicle but rather whether or not the driver’s blood alcohol level exceeds the state limit. Currently, the blood alcohol limit is .08% in all states. As a result of this and other complexities related to DUI cases, hiring a drunk driving attorney in Wilmington NC is crucial when you’re facing a DUI charge.

What Does a DUI Lawyer Do?

A DUI lawyer’s primary objective is to look at the range of possible consequences for their client and then determine how best to minimize the damage to that client. If the charge is the client’s first and nobody was injured or killed, the DUI attorney may determine that the client will most likely be offered probation or face very minor penalties. In those situations, the client may decide to take a plea bargain with the prosecutor. But, because every DUI charge is different it makes sense to hire a DUI attorney who can help explain the penalties and/or long term consequences.

Having a drunk driving attorney working for you will also help you navigate the process of dealing with the state’s motor vehicle department. This can often be one of the most time consuming and frustrating parts of the process. But, an experienced DUI attorney will be able to help you complete the forms properly, make any phone calls or arrangements related to your case, and even represent you at the DMV’s driver suspension hearing. And, because an experienced DUI lawyer knows the ins and outs of the courtroom, they may be able to help you obtain the lowest possible sentence (if your situation and state laws permit it). Plus, attorneys who specialize in DUI cases often know the prosecutors and which arguments will work best for their client’s unique situation.

When to Hire a DUI Attorney

Most DUI attorneys offer free initial consultation, so it makes sense to at least speak with such an attorney even if it’s your first time being charged with a DUI. While many first-time DUI clients choose to represent themselves in court, there are certain situations where hiring an experienced attorney is crucial. These involve cases in which the DUI charge is not the driver’s first; the DUI arrest was the result of an accident, or if anyone was injured or killed. People whose livelihood depends on their ability to drive, such as truckers, limo or taxi drivers, or others should also definitely hire a DUI attorney, even if it’s their first time being charged.

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