How Much is Your Brain Injury Worth?

Accidents that result in traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are among the most common tried in today's personal injury courtrooms. And, in most cases, these types of lawsuits typically result in damage awards of over $100,000. In fact, awards totaling in the millions of dollars aren't uncommon.

If you have a case involving traumatic brain injury, your lawyer in Wilmington NC will usually work the case on a contingent fee basis. This means that your attorney only receives payment if they (1) win your case and (2) the damages are actually paid. In a contingency case, all of the expenses incurred during the case will come out of the lawyer's pocket first before they're replaced by the award settlement. Because of this increased risk, lawyers who work on contingency will usually only take cases that they feel very confident will succeed.

What Types of Expenses are Involved in a Brain Injury Case?

When preparing for a traumatic injury lawsuit, a lawyer can put as much as $100,000 of his or her own money out in expenses before it even goes to trial. This money is usually spent on fees pertaining to things to help strengthen the case, like damage experts, court expenses, independent medical experts, and the cost of interviewing witnesses. The more the attorney is willing to spend, the more confident they are in the case.

Experience Matters in Brain Injury Cases

Traumatic brain injury lawsuits are very complex cases where the victim is most likely going to be adversely impacted by their injury for the remainder of their life. As a result, the more experienced your lawyer is with these types of cases, the better you can expect your outcome to be.

You want a lawyer who understands the intrinsic nature of this type of injury because they need to address not only your existing struggles, but the struggles you will most likely face as you age and your condition worsens.

An experienced lawyer will ensure you receive the tests and exams you need from professionals ranging from vocational experts to life care planners so you can more effectively impart the severity of your injury to the courts. And, when you have expert testimony, your case is substantially strengthened.

Why Retaining a Lawyer on Contingency Works in TBI Cases

There are some legal professionals who don't agree with retaining a lawyer on a contingency system. But, the truth is, this type of lawyer benefits those who would otherwise not be able to afford legal representation.

And, because the attorney is only paid according to the amount of the award, clients can feel confident that their lawyer is going to fight as hard as they can to recover a suitable award because their attorney's income depends on it.

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