Keeping Your Motorcycle Passengers Safe

Driving a motorcycle requires special knowledge and skills to be as safe as possible. When you include a passenger, it is even more important to exercise special care and take all the necessary precautions. The Rodzik Law Group and Rodzik have an expert motorcycle accident attorney in Shallotte NC. We know that proper preparation is the best way to avoid an accident and to keep both you and your passenger safe.

Preparing For Your Passenger

For many passengers, riding on a motorcycle is a new and exciting experience. It is important for the driver to prepare for the passenger to ensure the safety of everyone on the road. Here are a few things to check before inviting a passenger to ride along:

  • Ensure that your motorcycle has enough extra space and is designed to hold a passenger
  • Consider the minimum age requirements for motorcycle passengers in your state
  • Check the weight specifications in the user manual of your motorcycle
  • Provide your passenger with a helmet that fits properly and be sure it is worn at all times
  • Review your owner's manual for more tips on riding with a passenger

Things To Consider

There are many things to consider when adding a passenger to your motorcycle. Here is a list of some of the major differences that should be taken into account when a passenger is added:

  • Added weight from a passenger will effect breaking speed, so take extra care when slowing down
  • Avoid surprising the passenger with quick stops and sharp turns
  • Allow more time for passing
  • Give the passenger time to adjust to the feeling of leaning before driving on busy roads
  • Only allow the passenger to mount the motorcycle once it has been started and always allow the passenger to dismount first

It is always a good idea to take a test drive before going on any major roadways with your passenger. Start out in a parking lot or small side street to get them used the feeling of being on the bike.

Tips for Your Passenger

It is just as important for the passenger to be prepared as it is for the rider. If it is your first time on a motorcycle, you will not be used to the speed or the leaning involved in turning the motorcycle. These are all things to think about before agreeing to be a passenger. If you are nervous or unsure about your first ride, wait until you are confident and prepared before getting on the bike. Here are a few simple tips for the motorcycle passenger to help keep you and your driver safe:

  • Keep your arms and legs away from hot and moving parts on the motorcycle to avoid burns
  • Try not to make sudden movements or turns
  • Listen and adhere to all instructions given by the driver
  • Wear proper pants and footwear to protect your legs and feet from the heat coming off the motorcycle
  • Hold on to your driver whenever the motorcycle is in motion

These tips are intended to be helpful, but do not cover all aspects of motorcycle passenger safety. For more information about staying safe on a motorcycle, find a motorcycle passenger safety course to ensure that you are totally prepared for your first riding experience.

Your Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Shallotte NC

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