Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Wilmington NC: Winter Riding Tips

Most motorcycle enthusiasts don't want to stop riding their bikes just because the weather's turned a little colder. In order to continue enjoying motorcycle riding in winter, one does need to change a few things about their riding habits.

Here, The Rodzik Law Group's motorcycle accident attorney in Wilmington NC shares some winter riding tips that can not only make your riding much more enjoyable, but safer as well.

Dress Appropriately

You already know you are going to have to dress substantially warmer when taking to the roads on your bike in winter, but more importantly is you know how to dress. When riding in winter, it is essential to dress in layers with breathable fabrics at the base. Wearing microfiber clothing as your first layer is great for wicking away moisture and keeping you dry and comfortable, while the outer-most layer of your gear should be made of durable, weather- and wind-proof material. Leather and/or nylon are each good choices for this.

In dressing properly for winter riding, it is also important to maintain your range of motion. Thinner clothing with higher insulation ratings is preferred. In addition, you should seal any gaps in your clothing where cold air can sneak in, such as the gap between your gloves and jacket or the exposed underside of your helmet.

Prevent Visor Fog

One of the most common and dangerous problems concerning winter motorcyclists is visor fog. This happens when the rider's breath can't escape the helmet. To help prevent this problem, try wearing a half-mask inside your helmet over a balaclava. This will help your breath to escape without condensation forming on your visor.

Invest in Electric Clothing for Long-Range Winter Riding

If you are planning on an extended ride during the winter months, then investing in some electric clothing will help keep you protected and warm. This type of clothing generally consists of gloves and vests that are heated by your bike's electrical system.

Of course, before purchasing electric clothing for your ride, check your bike's owner's manual to see if the bike's electrical system can handle the additional load. Failing to do so could result in you being stranded with a dead battery out in the cold.

Install Street Tires on Your Bike During Winter

If your bike is usually equipped with sticky racing tires during the summer, make sure you switch them out for street tires for winter riding. Street tires are more effective in winter because they develop a better grip at lower temperatures.

Additional Winter Riding Tips

  • Check with your insurance policy to ensure that it provides year-round coverage for your motorcycle as not all motorcycle insurance policies do
  • Check your owner's manual to see what type of oil your bike's manufacturer recommends for winter riding as some recommend thinner oil in the colder months
  • Install fairing on the front end of your bike to help disperse the flow of air around your body instead of it hitting you full-force
  • Make frequent stops so your body can warm up. Drink hot beverages and pay attention to the signs of hypothermia, which can include numb fingers, fuzzy thinking and slower reaction times

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