10 Motorcycle Tips for Riding in Traffic in Wilmington NC

Today's overcrowded roadways are dangerous for practically every type of driver, but for motorcycle riders, getting to point A to point B can be especially dangerous. It is not uncommon for motorcyclists to be crowded, cut off, and sideswiped by distracted auto drivers. Should an accident occur, it is the motorcyclist who is in the greatest danger of suffering a severe, or even fatal, injury.

At The Rodzik Law Group, we have a motorcycle accident attorney in Wilmington NC who is highly experienced in helping bike owners who have been involved in collisions. Our goal is to help you avoid such traumatic situations in the first place. Here are ten motorcycle tips for riding in traffic so you can arrive to your destination safe and on time.

#1: Be Visible

Most auto drivers tend to say, "I never even saw him!" when they hit a motorcyclist. This is because motorcycles are small, thin, and quick and they can be hard to see sometimes. As a result, it is crucial to make yourself as highly visible as possible on the road. Ride with your high beam on at all times and wear brightly-colored, highly reflective gear.

#2: Pay Attention to the Heads of Drivers in Front of You

Pay attention to the driver's head movements when you are following an automobile. This will help you anticipate any sudden moves and be able to take the necessary action to avoid an accident.

#3: Keep Your Brakes Covered

Accidents happen at the blink of an eye and when something happens you don't want to be late hitting the brakes. By keeping a finger or two on the brake lever and your toe on the rear brake pedal you'll be as ready for the unexpected as you can be.

#4: Stay to the Left (or Right) of the Car in Front of You in Slow Traffic

In slow traffic it can be easy for a motorcycle to get lost in a driver's rear view mirror. Therefore, you will be more visible if you stay to the left or right of the vehicle in front of you. This will keep you visible in their side mirrors at all times.

#5: Ride in a Lower Gear When in Traffic

When you are riding in traffic, keep your bike in a lower gear. This will allow you to leap forward instantly when the need arises.

#6: Pay Attention to the Road Surface

A motorcycle rider needs to be constantly scanning their surroundings and this includes the road's surface. Paying attention to the road will help you notice any slippery spills, loose gravel, or deep potholes well in advance so you can plan and avoid them.

#7: Stick to the Open Zones When Possible

Motorcycles are powerful and highly maneuverable, so use this to your advantage by finding the open zones in traffic patterns. Once you find an open zone, keep your bike in it so you will have more time and room to react should a problem arise.

#8: Proceed With Caution through Intersections

If you are stopped at a red light intersection, proceed through the intersection with caution when the light turns green. Proceed slowly and keep an eye on traffic coming the other way. Far too many motorcycle accidents are caused by auto drivers running yellow lights.

#9: Don't Drive Between an Auto and an Off-Ramp

Too many drivers discover late that they are passing their exit only to swerve at the last minute in order to try and make it. Unfortunately, if your bike is in the way, you will be suffering the consequences. Never place your bike between a vehicle and an off-ramp.

#10: Use Your Mirrors, but Don't Trust Them Entirely

Using your side mirrors is crucial to safe driving, but even when they are perfectly positioned, they still don't tell you everything you need to know. Use your mirrors, but when in heavy traffic, take a quick glance over your shoulder so you can have a better idea of what is around you before making any lane shifts or turns.

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