Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Shallotte, NC: Motorcycle Accessories That Could Save Your Life

If you need a motorcycle accident attorney in Shallotte, NC, then you are one of the lucky ones. While you may not consider yourself lucky, take into consideration how many motorcyclists die in accidents every year and you may change your mind.

The Rodzik Law Group is one of the most experienced law firms in the Shallotte area when it comes to litigating motorcycle accident cases and we find that too many times, we are representing the families of riders and not the riders themselves. Therefore, we have compiled a list of essential motorcycle accessories that might just improve your odds of surviving such an unfortunate accident.

Motorcycle Helmet

There is a tremendous variety of motorcycle helmets to choose from these days, but make no mistake about it – you should only choose a helmet that has been DOT or Snell approved. Many states allow riders to ride without requiring them to wear a helmet, despite the fact that wearing a helmet can greatly improve one's chances of surviving an accident. North Carolina is not one of these states.

For open-face helmets, wearing eye protection such as goggles or impact-resistant sunglasses can help prevent dust, dirt, and other roadside particles from entering the eyes.

Area-Specific Protection Gear

Motorcycle accidents can be very violent and in many cases, the rider can be thrown great distances. Because of this, the industry has developed area-specific protection gear to help protect certain areas that are prone to injury in an accident. These articles include elbow and shoulder armor, back protectors, chest armor, knee and hip armor, mouth guards, neck braces, and impact shorts.

Reflective Gear

One of the most common reasons drivers state for hitting a motorcycle is, "I just didn't seethem." Black is a popular color among motorcycle enthusiasts, but this color choice can make it very easy for auto drivers to not see them; especially at night. In order to help improve visibility, a motorcyclist should wear highly reflective gear at all times, even during the day.


Motorcycles are one of the easiest and most common to retrofit. Therefore, many bike owners purchase aftermarket light kits to customize their bikes. If doing so, make sure that the light kit you purchase is bright, highly visible by other vehicles, and that your lights are properly placed for the optimum effect. You should also make it a habit to check your lights before riding to ensure that everything is working properly.


Your motorcycle's horn can be an important tool for helping you avoid a collision, especially in cases where you are in another vehicle's blind spot. Always test your horn to make sure it is working before you get on the road.


Wearing the right kind of pants can help one avoid the painful scrapes and lacerations that would otherwise result from wearing jeans or shorts when involved in a motorcycle accident. These specialized types of pants are made from durable, yet breathable fabrics and they tend to have built-in armor pads for extra area-specific protection. Most motorcycle pants also feature reflective piping and weather-resistant qualities that help to make riding safer in virtually every condition.

Gloves & Footwear

A motorcyclist's feet and hands are especially at risk of injury in an accident. Therefore, the quality of one's gloves and footwear is important. The gloves should be highly durable yet capable of maintaining their grip even in wet weather. The footwear should offer good foot and shin protection and have a sole that doesn't lose its grip in wet weather.

Wearing the appropriate gear and using the right motorcycle accessories may not prevent you from having an accident, but they can reduce your risk and dramatically improve your odds of surviving an accident. Should you suffer an accident and require the services of a motorcycle accident attorney in Shallotte, NC, The Rodzik Law Group can help. We are one of the leading motorcycle accident law firms in the area and we can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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