Tips for Riding Motorcycles Safely in the Summer Heat

Summer is when motorcycle enthusiasts enjoy their two-wheeled babies the most. The warm breeze, crystal-clear weather, and summer vacation time all add up to having memorable riding experiences. But, riding in the summer isn't without its challenges. In fact, the season's hot temperatures can quickly ruin a ride and put you at risk of having an accident if you're not prepared for the heat.

Here, our motorcycle accident attorney in Wilmington NC shares some helpful tips for riding safely in the summer heat.

Bring More Water Than You Need

More important than bringing water is drinking it! When you head out on the road this summer, make sure you bring more water than you think you're going to need. Hydration is extremely important in the summertime and you can lose a lot more moisture than you might think while driving your bike. Try to drink at least one liter of water or an electrolyte-drink every hour during times of high temperatures.

Pay Attention to Warning Signs for Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke

If you fail to drink enough water, your body is going to let you know it. You may start feeling nauseous, dizzy, and fatigued. You may also start cramping and sweating and you may develop a headache. If you feel these symptoms, then you may be suffering from heat exhaustion. You should stop riding so you can rest and rehydrate. Make sure you are ready to get back on the bike before doing so. Don't rush it!

If heat exhaustion is left unchecked, then it will progress into heat stroke and this can be deadly. When the body is suffering from heat stroke, it will no longer produce sweat and its temperature can skyrocket to 105 degrees. The sufferer will usually pass out and in some cases, even suffer brain damage.

Plan Your Route so You Know Where Stops are Located

When it is especially hot out, it helps if you plan your route before you head out so you know exactly where you can stop and cool off. If the temperature is nearing or surpassing 100 degrees, then your route should feature places to stop spaced approximately a half hour apart to ensure you don't overheat.

Keep Your Skin Covered

You might think that the less your skin is covered, the cooler you'll be but that is untrue. The reason is because the wind causes your sweat to evaporate quicker and this can lead to dehydration. But, when you keep your skin covered, it allows the body's cooling system to work more effectively.

Wear a Cooling Vest

A cooling vest is a specially-designed piece of motorcycle gear that helps keep you cooler in very hot temperatures. This vest gets soaked with water and worn under your jacket. The moisture forms a cooling barrier next to your skin so you can ride in greater comfort.

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