Can I Sue for Nursing Home Injuries?

Nursing homes, elder care facilities, and recovering centers play important roles in the healthcare management of senior citizens. But, they are not without their share of negligent instances. In some cases such negligence can result in injuries.

As a result, our personal injury attorney in Wilmington NC is frequently asked – are nursing homes liable for any injuries that occur to their patients? Here, we take a closer look at when a patient or family member can sue a senior care facility for negligence.

What Types of Actions are Considered Negligence?

A senior care facility works in much the same way as a hospital; it provides essential care to those who need it. As such, it needs to follow strict rules and regulations to ensure that their residents are properly and safely cared for.

There are several instances where a nursing home can fail in meeting the needs of their residents to the point that intentional or accidental negligence occurs. These can include:

  • Failing to keep the premises safe and free of hazards
  • Failing to supervise residents who are known to cause self-harm
  • Failing to maintain health and safety policies
  • Failing to provide adequate medical treatment
  • Failing to properly train or supervise new employees
  • Hiring an employee who intentionally injures a resident or other employee

Nursing homes that accept Medicare are also forced to follow certain Federal regulations. If an injury is caused and it is determined to be the result of the facility not following the regulations, then the facility can be sued for negligence.

Proving Nursing Home Negligence Can Be Challenging

Like many personal injury cases, proving that a nursing home's actions (or inactions) were negligent can prove complicated and challenging. Evidence is often incomplete and in most cases, serves mostly the nursing home. Therefore, having an attorney who is experienced in handling such cases is crucial to one's potential for success.

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