Checklist for Proving an Injury

At the heart of every personal injury lawsuit is the ability for the claimant to prove, without a doubt, the validity and extent of their injury. In these cases, the stronger your support evidence, the better the chances will be for a positive ruling in your favor.

In cases where the sustained injuries are physical, the evidence is easier to display, but the problem is not all injuries are visible. Therefore, it is crucial to be able to provide documented accounts of your injury, any treatments you have received, and any other information related to your injury. To help you get started, our personal injury attorney in Wilmington NC offers the following checklist for proving an injury.

Documents Pertaining to the Accident

If you’re involved in an accident, you should try to document the incident to the best of your ability. This includes taking pictures of the scene, interviewing witnesses, and making personal notes. Everything and anything that has to do with the accident should be documented. It will help validate your account of the accident in court.

Collect Police and Medical Reports

Having copies of the police report and accident report will help prove that you were a victim of an accident and that your injuries were a result of that accident. You should also obtain all of your medical reports associated with your injury, including the examiner’s report from the accident site, any treatments you might have received, and invoices or receipts for any medical bills you may have received.

In cases where the injury is more emotional than physical, such as in cases of defamation, it can be somewhat more of a challenge to prove the injury. But, it can still be done. In fact, in some cases of defamation, certain statements made by the defendant can come with presumed damages. These include:

  • False indications that you were involved in criminal activity
  • False indications that you are a loathsome, contagious, or have an infectious disease
  • False indications that you are unchaste or engaged in sexual misconduct
  • False indications that you are involved in behavior incompatible with the proper conduct of your business, trade, or profession

Provide Your Personal Injury Attorney with as Much Information as Possible

If you have a personal injury attorney representing you (and you should in an injury case), then it is crucial that you assist your attorney as much as possible by providing him or her with as much information related to your injury as possible. Even if you think it is something that doesn’t necessarily matter, you should still give the information to your lawyer.

A personal injury attorney is highly experienced at helping their clients prove their injuries, but they can only do their jobs when their clients provide them with the support documents they need to build their cases. Don’t risk your case – keep track of your records and document everything.

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Personal injury cases are not only won or lost based on the defendant’s actions, but the extent of plaintiff’s injuries can also have an impact on the decision. As a result, being able to prove and validate your injuries is a must. Partnering with an experienced personal injury attorney in Wilmington NC is essential if you want to have the best chance at being awarded damages.

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