Auto Accident Attorney in Shallotte, NC Shares Safe Driving Tips

If you were a victim in a recent auto accident and you need an auto accident attorney in Shallotte, NC, then The Rodzik Law Group & Rodzik can help. Every day, there are thousands of cars, trucks, and motorcycles on the nation's roadways. And with a great many of them racing either to or from work, the chances that all of them are practicing safe driving habits is minute. It might be a grim thought, but the odds are good that at some point in your life, you will be in an auto accident if you haven't already.

While it might not entirely prevent you from being involved in an accident, practicing safe driving techniques can go a long way towards minimizing the chances that you are responsible for one. Therefore, The Rodzik Law Group & Rodzik wants to help you be a better driver by highlighting some of the common mistakes drivers make on the road.


Two-thirds of all drivers report that they occasionally exceed the recommended speed limit on roads that they tend to travel on a regular basis. Speeding is a contributing factor in nearly one-third of all automobile accidents involving fatalities.

In order to reduce the number of incidents of speeding violations and accidents, drivers need to be cognizant of their speed at all times. They can do this by checking their speedometer frequently and by learning better time management skills so they are not running late or in a rush to get somewhere.

Right-of-Way Violations

Nearly half of all vehicular accidents take place at intersections. This is often due to the fact that drivers are unsure of who has the right of way. With this being said, they can also be attributed to running red lights, vehicles turning the wrong way or too wide, and failing to yield.

When at an intersection stop sign, it is important for drivers to look, left, right, in front of them, and then left again before proceeding. Drive through the intersection only when it is safe and clear to do so.

Improper Turning

Taking a turn too wide or failing to check your blind spot can increase your chances of having an accident. When turning right, keep your vehicle close to the curb and always check your blind spot for any signs of pedestrians, bicyclists, skaters, or joggers. Also, always use your directional signals prior to making your turns so you can notify those around you.

Passing Other Vehicles

In most cases, passing another vehicle is not a necessity, even when the road signs indicate that it is allowable. Passing increases the risk of sideswipes, running the car off the road, and head-on collisions. Most accidents involving passing vehicles could have been prevented had the driver been more patient. However, if you must pass the vehicle in front of you for any reason, then the ways to do it properly involve:

  1. Check your blind spots
  2. Use the appropriate directional signal
  3. Check the traffic both ahead and behind you
  4. Keep a safe distance between you and the other vehicle as you pass
  5. Accelerate to pass the vehicle quickly and then return to your lane
  6. Maintain your speed after passing and gradually let it reduce to the recommended speed limit

Tailgating or Following Too Closely

Drivers who drive too closely to the vehicle in front of them place themselves in a dangerous position because they can wind up in the blind spot of the driver in front. This can increase the risks of sideswipes and rear-end collisions. It is important to keep enough space between you and the car in front of you. If your vehicle has anti-lock brakes, it can take up to 284 feet for your vehicle to come to a complete stop when hitting the brakes at 55 miles per hour. In order to reduce the risk of a tailgating-type of accident, you must keep at least three seconds between your vehicle and the one in front of you.

Being a responsible driver is the best way to stay safe on the roads, but sometimes even those who practice safe driving techniques can become victims of auto accidents. If you have recently been involved in a traffic accident, contact an auto accident attorney in Shallotte, NC immediately.

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