Tips for Buying a Safe Truck from a Leading Truck Accident Attorney in Wilmington NC

A truck is a common sight on most North Carolina roadways because, in this state, these handy vehicles are popular among consumers and businesses alike. But, just because a truck looks rugged and tough, it is not a guarantee that the vehicle is safer than most other vehicles on the roads. As a leading truck accident attorney in Wilmington, NC, the law office of The Rodzik Law Group comes across situations on a daily basis where a truck's design failed to protect its driver.

Because we fight for the rights of accident victims, we have an in-depth understanding of what to look for in a safe truck. The Rodzik Law Group & Rodzik knows the importance of buying the safest truck possible and provides the following suggestions:

Safety Features to Look for in a New or Used Truck

Whether you are a do-it-yourself enthusiast who's looking for a reliable pickup truck or you are looking for more of a luxurious SUV for transporting your children to and from soccer practice, safety should be a primary consideration in choosing the right truck for you. Here are some of the most important safety features to look for when purchasing a new or used truck.

Seat Belts

You might think all trucks come with seat belts, but you might be surprised at how many used trucks for sale don't have them. And in some cases, even those that do have inadequate seat belts that lack today's must-have safety features. For the best seat belt protection, look for a truck that has seat belts with the following features:

  • An upper adjustable belt
  • A seat belt pre-tensioner
  • Energy management features like load limiters and/or tear stitching
  • Rear center seat lap belt

Air Bags

The more air bags the truck has, the better protected you and your family will be in the event of a front- or rear-end collision. While most modern trucks have front driver and passenger side air bags as standard equipment, opting for a truck with additional side air bags will offer the best side-impact protection.

Antilock Braking System

If you have to brake quickly and your truck doesn't have antilock brakes, then there is a good chance you could lose control of the truck. This occurs because the brakes lock the tires, which then causes the truck to skid. If the truck is equipped with antilock brakes and you have to hit the brakes quickly, you will have greater control over the truck. This does not guarantee that you will avoid a collision, but having ABS will help you control the truck better so you can minimize your risk.

Head Restraints

Not all trucks come equipped with head restraints, but if you want to purchase a safe truck, then these seat extensions need to be included. Head restraints help protect your neck and head in the event of a collision.

Traction Control

North Carolina gets some wild weather, so choosing a truck with traction control will help give you greater control over your vehicle in cases where one or more of the tires start to slip or slide. Traction control automatically adjusts engine power and diverts power or applies the brakes to the tires that need it most.

Electronic Stability Control

Similar to traction control, electronic stability control helps a driver maintain control of the truck in cases where extreme steering is required. This system senses over- and under-steer and automatically applies the brakes to the wheel that needs it most.

All-Wheel Drive

Not found on most pickups, all-wheel drive can however be found on many SUVs. This system distributes power to the front and rear wheels simultaneously to improve traction and when coupled with traction control, AWD reduces tire slippage during times when acceleration is needed to avoid an accident.

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