Truck Accident Attorney in Wilmington NC: How to Drive Safely Near Big Trucks

Despite being the largest vehicles on American roadways, big rigs are notorious for their limited visibility and their blind spots. These limitations, combined with overworked truck drivers who are already pushing speed limits in an attempt to meet tight deadlines, can be a deadly mix.

At The Rodzik Law Group, our truck accident attorney in Wilmington NC litigates far too many accidents that in all probability could have avoided had the trucker, or the other driver, practiced safer driving techniques. To help reduce your odds of suffering a devastating accident with an 18-wheeler, here are some safe driving tips to keep in mind when sharing the road with a truck.

Respect the Truck

Because of its sheer size, a big truck behaves very differently on the road than a passenger car. As such, it needs to be respected. When you are coming upon a large truck, be alert and pay attention to any sudden shifts in the truck's location.

Avoid the Truck's Blind Spots

If you can't see the truck's side mirrors, then that means that your vehicle is in the trucker's blind spot and he can't see you. Since one-third of all accidents involving big trucks take place in the blind spots, you need to ensure that you can always see the truck's side mirrors even if that means slowing down and following a little farther behind the rig.

Pass With Extra Care

When you pass a truck, give it more space than you would a passenger car or smaller truck. Before re-entering to the lane after passing, make sure you can see the front of the truck in your rear-view mirror.

Let a Truck Change Lanes

If the trucker is trying to change lanes (by entering your lane), your first impulse may be to speed up and get in front of the truck so it will be behind you instead of in front of you. This can be a costly mistake if the trucker doesn't see you speeding up along its side. Instead, practice patience and allow the truck to merge safely into your lane.

Watch Out for Wide Turns

A large 18-wheeler truck usually needs to take a wide berth in order to make most turns. As a result, the truck will swing to the left when turning right and vice-versa. Be patient and let the truck finish its turn before trying to swing around it or you could hit the truck or worse, an on-coming vehicle in the other lane.

Allow Plenty of Clearance Between Your Vehicle and the Truck

Large trucks create strong wind currents that can affect smaller vehicles if they are too close to the rig. This is especially dangerous for motorcycles as the winds produced by the truck can cause one to lose control of their bike rather easily.

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