Ask Our Workers Compensation Attorney in Shallotte NC: What Should I Do if I'm Injured at Work

Workplace injuries in the US have dropped significantly since 1971 (from 10.9 incidents per 100 workers to 3.5 per 100 in 2011), when the Occupational Safety and Health Administration was formed. Despite workplace regulations and routine government safety inspections, injuries still occur on the job every day across the country.

While the majority of workplace injuries are eligible for workers compensation benefits, what most employees fail to realize is that the steps they take after their injury occurs can have an impact on their benefits. Here, The Rodzik Law Group's workers compensation attorney in Shallotte NC explains exactly what to do so your benefits can be approved without compromise.

What to Do Immediately After You are Injured on the Job

Step #1: Report the Injury to Your Employer and Seek Medical Treatment

If you are physically able, you need to report your injury to your employer immediately after it occurs. If you are physically unable to notify your employer, then someone else should.

If your workplace has an on-site medical facility, then you should seek treatment there if it is consistent with your employer's instructions and the facility is capable of treating your type of injury.

If your workplace does not have on-site medical facilities, then your employer may instruct you to visit a health care provider that is designated as the care facility for the business. If your injuries are consistent with their ability to provide treatment then you should visit that facility.

If the company does not have a designated care provider, then seek medical attention from a medical facility appropriate for your type of injury, such as a nearby emergency room or your family doctor.

Step 2: Let the Healthcare Provider Know You Were Injured On the Job

Whichever healthcare provider you wind up visiting, make sure you let them know that you were injured on the job and give them the name of your employer. This allows the care provider to bill your treatment costs to your employer so they will be covered under your workers compensation claim.

Step 3: Present a Written Notice of the Injury to Your Employer

Within thirty days of your injury you should present your employer a written version of the events that led to your injury. While you have thirty days to do this, you should try to do this as soon after the injury as possible. Make sure your letter includes the date of the injury and a description of what happened. If you are unable to write the letter, have a friend or loved one write it for you and then mail the letter to your employer. Make sure you keep a copy for your own records.

Step 4: File Form 18 with the North Carolina Industrial Commission

In order to initiate a workers compensation claim, injured workers must first complete and submit Form 18 with the North Carolina Industrial Commission. The form can be downloaded here.

Step 5: Follow All of Your Healthcare Provider's Instructions

Your healthcare provider will provide you with a detailed list of instructions to follow to help you recover your health and ability to work. This can include anything from taking certain medications to undergoing physical therapy and more. Make sure you follow your care provider's instructions as accurately as possible. Failing to do so could cause problems with your workers compensation claim.

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Workers compensation cases are not always cut and dry. Some employers, or their insurance providers, may try to find reasons why a claim shouldn't be approved. In cases such as these, legal representation may be required.

If you have suffered an injury that occurred while you were on the job, contact The Rodzik Law Group's workers compensation attorney in Shallotte NC today. We can help you determine if your injury is eligible for workers compensation and if so, we can help ensure that your claim is properly filed and approved with minimal hassle.

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