Are Telecommuting Employees Eligible for Worker's Compensation?

These days, more and more companies are taking advantage of technology and downsizing their corporate footprint. The result is an increasing number of employees who are working from home, an employment terms that's known as telecommuting.

But, where exactly do these employees stand when it comes to worker's compensation? Is a remote worker still covered under the company's worker's comp insurance if he or she suffers an injury off company property?

Here, our worker's compensation attorney in Wilmington NC clears the air regarding this hazy issue.

Does Worker's Compensation Coverage Extend Beyond a Company's Physical Property?

Worker's compensation policies typically include language that suggests they will cover an employee's injury as long as the injury occurred while performing a job-related task or an act on behalf of their employer. This includes injuries occurred while telecommuting.

While telecommuting injuries are a relatively new issue in worker's compensation law, there have been a few cases tried thus far and the majority of the decisions have sided with the injured employee.

Are Telecommuting Injuries Compensable by Worker's Comp?

Yes. Telecommunicating injuries are just as compensable by worker's compensation insurance as injuries that occur on a company's premises. However, they also need to be reported and handled in the same way as on-site injuries in order to qualify for compensation. For instance, the injury needs to be one that is recognized under worker's comp law and it needs to be reported to the employer, in writing, as soon as possible.

Once your employer receives your injury report, he or she should provide you with the necessary claim forms to complete and return as soon as possible. After receiving your completed forms, your employer should file the claim with its worker's compensation insurance company, which should then process the claim and arrange for payment of your benefits.

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If you're a telecommuting worker and you recently suffered an injury while performing your job, then you are entitled to worker's compensation benefits. In the event that your employer does not have worker's compensation insurance or has not submitted your claim, or you have been denied by the insurance company, contact The Rodzik Law Group's worker's compensation attorney in Wilmington NC today. We will help you get the benefits you deserve.

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