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The 5 Misconceptions of Workers Compensation

If you suffered an injury while on the job that will result in you being out of work for a certain extended period of time, then you are going to need to file a workers compensation claim with your employer in order to ensure your family is financially protected while you recover.

Of course, this can sometimes be more difficult than it should be as not all employers welcome the idea of their employees filing for workers compensation. In some cases, the employer may try to convince the employee that their case does not qualify for workers compensation or provide other misleading information that can result in the employee’s misconception of the process. In this situation, hiring a qualified workers compensation attorney in Wilmington, NC is necessary to protect your rights. The following reflect the five most common misconceptions of workers compensation.

#1 – You Can Only File a Claim if the Injury Happened On the Job Site

While this is usually the case, it is not always the case. If your job entails you performing employment-related activities off of the company’s premises, then any injuries that occur as a result of this activity are covered by workers compensation insurance. In some cases, even accidents that occur while traveling to and from work can be eligible for coverage.

#2 – Claims for Cancer, Lung Disease, Hearing Loss and Other Health Problems are Ineligible

Certain workplace environments are conducive to an increase in certain health risks, like cancer, hearing loss, lung disease, asbestosis and others. Therefore, if your type of work places you at a higher risk of developing cancer or some other debilitating health problem, then your injuries are eligible and compensable.

#3 – Workers Compensation Covers All Lost Income During Your Recovery

In most workers compensation cases, the injured party will receive about 70% of their lost income during the time they are out of work. Payments are only for the job you were performing at the time of the injury, which means that any income you would have received from a second job or any side jobs is not eligible for compensation.

#4 – You are Not Eligible to File if You Were at Fault for Your Injury

It does not matter how you were injured; if you were injured while performing your job, you are eligible to file for workers compensation.

#5 – Your Pain and Suffering Isn’t Compensable

While workers compensation does not compensate for pain and suffering, you can file a third-party claim against someone other than your employer if your injury was caused by that party’s negligence.

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